Tracking the Numbers, Attaining the Goals

This week I want to take a minute and comment on Sandy's post, Praise for Rachael’s Raging Success.


Congrats Rachael on your progress! You have set many goals and achieved them. I am astonished at how many more additional services you are doing — yay for you! Sandy said it best: "Maximize your guests." Sandy is teaching Rachael how to do more services on fewer clients. She is showing her how to work smarter instead of harder. This will help Rachael to have longevity in this industry and her career. You don't have to see a 100 clients to achieve 100 services. You can actually work on fewer clients and achieve more services. Keep up the good work Rachael and keep following Sandy's lead. You've achieved great success so far and will only become more successful as long as you stay on this path.


So, did you notice in Sandy's post that she has numbers to show Rachael's goals, wins, and shortcomings? I don't believe you can measure success if you don't track and know where you started. Sandy could have just told Rachael she is "getting better" at offering and performing add-ons and Rachael would feel good about that compliment. However, because Rachael and Sandy write down Rachael's numbers they can keep track of her success. By tracking her numbers, Rachael has a real sense of where she is and not a false sense of security.


Sandy said: "February 2011, Rachael's guest count was 36 and she performed a total of 58 services. Fast forward to December 2011, Rachael saw 87 guests and performed a total of 159 services." Now, because they tracked, Rachael can really see the difference in her additional service totals. If Sandy told her that she had increased her additional services Rachael may think she's had some success getting add-ons. But now that she can see she has almost doubled her additional service to her client count, she can see the results.


Rachael can really see that offering additional services to her clients helps her to maximize her time with each client. It helps Rachael to see that making the additional service offering really does work and people will do them if we simply ask. It shows Rachael that she should not be afraid to ask clients if they want to do an additional service. I'm sure that Rachael got turned down by many clients; not everyone did or will take her up on her additional service offer. But many people did say yes and because of this Rachael now has the confidence to ask if they want to upgrade or do an additional service. The reason Rachael is not afraid to ask clients to upgrade is because she can see it in the numbers.


When Rachael asked her clients to upgrade or gave them the additional service menu she was putting herself out there and stepping out of her comfort zone. Now that many clients have said yes to additional services, she will continue to offer her current and new clients additional services without reservations. She will conquer her fears about clients saying no or turning her down. This practice Rachael is learning is becoming part of her routine.  She can see how offering additional services changes her numbers and her confidence level. This is a practice of highly successful nail technicians.


So because Rachael performed and charged her clients for all of those additional services, she saw a major increase in her paycheck! Not, only did she see an increase in the amount of additional services that she was doing but she also saw the numbers grow on her paycheck! Rachael and Sandy did an excellent job recording Rachael's numbers daily, weekly and monthly. Because they were and still are diligent about tracking her numbers, they were able to show Rachael that what she is doing really is working. Rachael can see that the numbers don't lie and that her hard work is truly paying off. Proof that seeing is believing and that tracking works.


As I just mentioned, Rachael performed and charged her clients for all of those additional services. How many of us are giving away our additional services and not charging clients for them? We have to charge our clients for the additional services they are receiving. We are only cheating ourselves! We deserve to be paid for the services we are providing. I know because we're sitting less than two feet apart from our clients holding hands, our service is more intimate. Our clients really get to know us and they become our friends. But we have to charge our friends too; we deserve to make a good living.


Think about this: When you go to McDonalds, they ask, "Do you want to supersize that?" This is one of the most successful campaigns ever run. They ask, and then they charge you for it. Let this be a lesson to us. Simply ask clients if they want to upgrade. And if they ask, "How much it is?" minimize it and tell them, "It's only an additional $____." Keep the talking to a minimum and practice your offering. You could be like Rachael, polishing nails all the way to the bank! Good job Rachael. Keep rockin’ and rollin’!


Come back next week for more on how to make your goals realistic. I will share with you my plan for successful forecasting. I will share the plan I have put in place to reach my goal of selling 20 promotions this month. I apologize, forecasting was my intension for this week's post. However, Rachael's accomplishments gave me incentive and inspiration to change today's post.


Tracking your success — one more way to help you stand out above the rest and become the BEST!


— Jill

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