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Science, Facts About Nails

November 9, 2016  | Blog Post

Doug Schoon’s newest book is officially out!

Keywords: Doug Schoon   FingerNailFixer   Holly Schippers   nail anatomy  

Soaking Nails in a Bowl of Water is an Outdated Technique

October 26, 2016  | Blog Post

In short, the nail plate absorbs water like a sponge and can compromise the color coating. 

Keywords: Doug Schoon   FingerNailFixer   Holly Schippers   nail anatomy   natural nail care  

Where Is the Cuticle?

October 3, 2016  | Video

Resident blogger Holly Schippers aka FingerNailFixer uses props to demonstrate and identify the difference between the cuticle and eponychium.

Keywords: continuing education   cuticles   eponychium   FingerNailFixer   nail anatomy  

The Anatomy of a Finger and Nail

January 21, 2015  | Article

Nail Lingo: Learn to speak fluent nail by knowing your anatomy. This illustration will help you know all the proper names and locations of the parts that make up a single nail tip.

Keywords: cuticles   eponychium   lunula   nail anatomy  

Is There A Doctor In the House?

May 1, 2013  | Blog Post

Eponychium, Hyponychium, Onychodermal Band...only 3 out of 15 essential parts of the nail structure! Paronychia, Onychia, Onychoptosis...just to name a few of some of the more common nail diseases! Corrugations, Kolionychia, Pterygium...fall into the nail disorder

Keywords: nail anatomy   nail diseases   pedicures  

proximal nail fold

November 20, 2012  | Encyclopedia

The skin folded over the part of the nail plate attached to the finger.

Keywords: nail anatomy  


November 20, 2012  | Encyclopedia

Any of the bones in the fingers or toes; there is one in each finger, two in each thumb, totaling 14 bones.

Keywords: nail anatomy  


November 20, 2012  | Encyclopedia

The part of the skin that surrounds the entire nail area.

Keywords: nail anatomy  


November 20, 2012  | Encyclopedia

The technical term for nail.

Keywords: nail anatomy  

natural nail

November 20, 2012  | Encyclopedia

Refers to the naturally occuring fingernail (as opposed to nail enhancements).

Keywords: manicures   nail anatomy   natural nail care   pedicures  

nail walls

November 20, 2012  | Encyclopedia

The skin on the sides of the nail above the grooves.

Keywords: nail anatomy  

nail root

November 20, 2012  | Encyclopedia

Where the nail growth begins; it is embedded underneath the skin at the base of the nail.

Keywords: nail anatomy  

nail plate

November 20, 2012  | Encyclopedia

The main part or plate of the nail that is attached to the skin at the tip of the finger; although the nail plate appears to be one piece, it is actually constructed of layers.

Keywords: nail anatomy  

nail grooves

November 20, 2012  | Encyclopedia

Slits or tracks in the nail bed at the sides of the nail on which the nail grows.

Keywords: nail anatomy  

nail fold

November 20, 2012  | Encyclopedia

The deep fold of skin at the base of the nail where the nail root is embedded; also called the mantle.

Keywords: nail anatomy  


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