Full Name: Lexi Martone
Hometown: Dix Hills, N.Y.
Salon: Finger Painted
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Gel-polish, acrylic paints, colored acrylics
Favorite Nail Trend: Pointy nails, 3-D nail art

If you were following along last year then you may already know me. For those of you who don’t, I’m Lexi. I’ve been doing nails for two years, I love the color black, I live for Halloween and Christmas and can guarantee you I will use fashion as my inspiration 99.9% of the time. I’ve always been an artist, constantly exploring different mediums. I’ve tried them all until I set my heart on nails. So…what happened last time? I was in the Top 3 for four weeks, won two challenges, and then I did some stupid Halloween nail and got sent home. And no one has let me live it down. So, this is redemption. There is no room for mistakes this time. I’m here to win.

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Week 4: INM


I am 100% Italian so my nails are inspired by Italy. Italians are all about the food so naturally that’s what I went with for my nails. I have gelato, some vino, spaghetti and meatballs, and Chef Luigi complete with a spinning pizza! I finished off my set with the sign hanging in my kitchen “Mangia e statti zitto”… Shut up and eat!


Click here to see a video of how Lexi created these nails.

Week 3: ORLY International


For this challenge I wanted to take the iconic principles of a French manicure and put my own spin on it. When I think of the basic fundamentals of what makes a French, the following comes to mind: negative space at the cuticle and color at the tip. I started with this concept and knew I had to come up with an innovative “smile line” of sorts. I thought architectural structure would be a cool inspiration to develop my smile line from so I began researching some modern buildings in LA. I found some unique homes from an architectural firm based in LA that were ultra modern and almost futuristic. I loved the varying heights of the different walls and windows layered on top of each other. Color-wise, I chose to stick with black and white. They are a neutral color palette that matches with just about anything and can go from day to night effortlessly, another key element of a French manicure. I embodied the essence of a French without creating an old school pink-and-white look.


Click here to see a step-by-step tutorial of how Lexi created these nails.

Week 2: Bio Seaweed Gel


For this week’s challenge I decided to use one of the polish names from the new Bio Seaweed Gel collection as my inspiration. I chose “Treasure Chest.” Naturally, the first thing that popped into my head was a giant skull, so I decided to go with a pirate theme. I created an overflowing jewel-encrusted treasure chest, a treasure map with some pirate gems across the way, and the pirate herself equipped with gold earring and feather hat!


Click here to see a video of how Lexi created these nails.

Week 1: Young Nails


My caption is “witch is the new black.” Anyone who knows me knows how well this really suits me. I bought a sign recently with this quote on it, and it was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the challenge. I have an infatuation for all things witchy and magical, as well as an undying love for the color black. I only wear black, ever, and I thought this was just the perfect little humorous caption for myself. My witch is complete with her black cloak, of course, casting a spell over her bubbling cauldrons. I wanted my caption to be incorporated into the scene somewhere instead of just randomly placed across the nail so I wrote it in her spell book. It just wouldn’t be “all about me” without a little Halloween magic.