Full Name: Simone Gilbert
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Salon: Urban Bliss Beauty
Preferred Nail Art Medium: Mixed media
Favorite Nail Trend: Gradient/ombré nail art and feather nails

I own and operate Urban Bliss Beauty, a home based nail salon in Melbourne, Australia. I have been a nail artist for just over 10 years now, but I have loved art and craft for as long as I can remember. I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist in everything I do (I can hear my clients having a giggle right now) and I strive to be consistently ahead of the latest trends, giving each of my clients a unique set of nails that are as individual as they are. I love teaching nail art and inspiring other nail technicians, encouraging them to bring out their inner creativity. I cannot wait to see what direction my work will take in this competition.

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Week 2: Bio Seaweed Gel


When researching for this week’s challenge I used inspiration from my own trip to the Great Barrier Reef. I wanted to incorporate the rich colors found in the corals and abundant sea life. I was also inspired by “Treasure Chest,” one of Bio Seaweed Gel’s fall colors. I created a treasure chest, a venomous blue ringed octopus protecting the chest, and my tips double as a clam shell and mini reef.


I began my design by creating a mold for my treasure chest using modelling clay. I applied several layers of gel to add strength and then removed the clay to reveal the two pieces. I used the same method for the sand base. For treasure I created small gel coins and bars and covered them with gold leaf. To make pearls, I coated them with pearl pigment. For a uniform size, I used a mold. I also created turquoise and emerald gemstones. To make the octopus, I used modelling clay for the base and covered it with gel and seed beads, sculpting it out to look as realistic as possible. Seaweed, coral, fish, and starfish were created on Arabella forms, and the starfish are embellished with tiny hexagonal glitter. I created a water bubble containing a starfish, glitter, and actual water. I had never attempted this before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It turned out perfectly. My anemone was made by dipping wire into gel and connecting all the pieces one at a time, and the sea urchin was created with a gel bubble and each spike attached and cured one by one. Finally, I completed the design with some additional water bubbles and some sea shells made with a mold. I love working with gel and spent many hours showing great attention to detail on my pieces. I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s gel challenge and I hope you like my final piece.


Click here to see a video of how Simone created these nails.

Week 1: Young Nails


For this weeks Create Your Caption challenge I painted a growling tiger using acrylic paint with my caption being “Go Hard or Go Home!” I thought long and hard about what my personal motto/caption is and this is what I chose best reflected me. Growing up, my dad always taught me that if I didn’t plan on doing a job properly, then I shouldn’t bother doing it at all. This sticks with me to this day and is especially relevant to me at this point in my career — particularly in this competition. I chose a tiger because I wanted something fierce, fast, and strong. The tiger growls to scare off its competitors if it feels threatened, and will go from defense to attack without hesitation. It symbolizes how I feel about my own competitors and how I need to approach the weekly challenges ahead. I will go hard in this competition and give it everything I’ve got or I’ll have to pack up my brushes and go home.