Minx, a new coating for nails, allows nail tech Naja Rickette to express her artistic side. It also allows her to charge twice what she normally would for a manicure or pedicure. "I knew Minx had the potential to be the next big craze," says Rickette, the owner of Extremedys Hand & Foot Spa in West Hollywood, Calif. Minx is a solid nail coating, applied with heat, that comes in sparkly metallics and a multitude of colors and designs. An application lasts up to five weeks, says Rickette.

"Before I came across Minx, most of my work had involved spa therapy and relaxing my clients, so I never really focused on airbrushing and nail art.  Minx allows my creative, artistic side to come out," she says. It’s also been good for her bottom line. "Without any effort and in almost the same amount of time, I go from a $25 manicure and $40 pedicure to a $55 Minx manicure or $80 Minx pedicure."

Thanks to her marketing efforts, about 40% of her clients get the service. "First of all, I made sure that my spa was listed on the Minx website (www.minxnails.com) and I created a page on my own spa’s site describing Minx and letting customers know that they could get it at my spa," she says. "Secondly, I make sure I’m always wearing it myself. (Unlike polish, it doesn’t come off when I use nail polish remover.) I am my own best advertisement. People stop me everywhere to ask about it."