Gels will lift away from the free edge if they are not applied properly. A technique called “capping” is used to prevent the gel from separating at the tip and sides. Capping means the tech pulls the gel to the edge of the nail, then takes the tip of the brush and gently goes along the sides and the free edge of the nail. As gels cure, they shrink, and if the tip of the nail is not capped, it will separate. Remember, if, after curing, you decide to file the tip or edges of the nail, the seal will be broken again, and the area must be glued or recapped.

If proper care has been taken to cap the nail and your client is still peeling, natural nail primer may be used very sparingly on the natural nail as a last resort. — Kimberly Ensign is an educator for EZ Flow and ibd, and owner of Acrylic Enhancements by Kimberly Ensign in Bloomington, Ill.