reThinkSpa is an innovative consulting, education, and training tool that helps elevate the credibility, professionalism, client experience, and profits of the nail department. Brought to you by manicurist and Nontoxique CEO Sheila Fredriksen, the reThinkSpa training is broken into five steps that represent five gaps Fredriksen and her team — all licensed manicurists — have identified in most nail departments. It starts with a unique 33-page DNA Assessment given prior to the training. “The assessment eliminates tough conversations with spa owners and staff that may make them feel put on the spot because they don’t know what they should, or think they know what they actually don’t,” says Fredriksen. “Instead, the assessment helps them quietly realize their own blind spots so the gaps can be closed.” Based on the results, the training is customized to focus on the spa’s unique strengths and weaknesses. Training is done onsite at each spa over two days.

“Because the nail department is very much misunderstood, it’s not properly utilized, education is sub-par and often not where it needs to be, and ultimately the department is not given the respect it deserves,” says Fredriksen. “Because of this, nail departments suffer issues that impact everything from team unity and productivity to client experiences and profits. Unless you’ve worked behind the chair, or really paid attention to the unique client dynamics in this department, you don’t get that it has potential to be the business-building hub for the entire spa.”

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