<p>We tried a number of different glitters &mdash; and we even tried using actual sugar packets &mdash; to get the sugar-coated look of lemon drops on our model&rsquo;s nails. Cover tech Terri Silacci ended up using a Martha Stewart craft glitter that worked perfectly.</p>

This month’s lemon drop cover was created by Monterey, Calif.-based nail tech Terri Silacci — what a perfect concept for the owner of Nail Candy Lounge. The simple nail art design is easy to recreate and can be done in all sorts of fun summer colors.


Here’s how you can do these nails:

1. Prep nails and apply base coat.

2. Apply two to three coats of CND Colours in Bicycle Yellow.

3. Sprinkle Martha Stewart Crystal Fine Glitter over still-wet polish to get that sugar-coated look.

4. Use an orangewood stick with acetone to clean up around the edges of the nails.


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