Which is healthier for the nails – paper wraps or silk?


Which is healthier for the nails – paper wraps or silk?


Which is healthier for the nails – paper wraps or silk?

Doug Schoon: One of the greatest myths of our industry is that one type of nail enhancement is “healthier” for natural nails than another type. This is totally untrue! The vast majority of damage to the nail plate is caused by either improper nail preparation or improper product removal. Overfiling the natural nail and nipping to remove products are the biggest culprits when it comes to nail damage. This is why it is so important to never rough up the nail with a drill or coarse abrasive. This technique strips away many of the layers of natural nail, leaving it thin and weak. It can also cause friction burns to the nail bed leading to partially detached nail plates (onycholysis).

Also, never remove nail enhancements unless it is necessary. Frequent or improper enhancement removal is often responsible for serious nail damage. If for some reason the enhancements must be removed, soaking in product remover is the most gentle procedure. If all nail techs avoided overfilling and improper removal, natural nails would rarely become damaged from salon services. This is why I believe that the mark of a good nail tech is one whose clients have undamaged natural nails.


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