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I know you can you use primer with liquid-and-powder systems, but what about with UV gels?

I just purchased No Lift Nails primer. The instructions say to “use sparingly.” How much should be used per nail?

Is there any way to file gels off more quickly?

What do I do for a client who has a chronic ingrown toenail, even though I always file it straight across?

What can you do for peeling feet (almost like sunburn), and what causes this to happen?

Should clients soak off their nail enhancements every so often to "give their nails a break"?

Do liquid-and-powder products have expiration dates?

Why is my pink-and-white client having itching, peeling, and burning skin around the nail plate?

How can I get a perfect French acrylic white tip?

What clients should I recommend wear nail extensions?

What’s a suitable temperature for acrylic to cure and why?

What is the proper way to smooth callused heels?

Should the base coat, polish, and top coat all be the same brand to be chemically compatible for better adhesion?

What should I look for when buying an electric file?

I read somewhere that Vicks Vapor Rub is a good treatment for toenail fungus. Is that true?

Where can I find a round metal disc that is used to create perfect smile lines?

When using tack-free sealer over acrylics or gels, what causes the noticeable bumps and bubbles?

What’s the difference between a “competition nail” and a “client nail”?

How can I stop lifting around the cuticle area?

Is it true that it’s common for cross country runners to lose their toenails?


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