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What can I do to help a client who does not chew her nails, but chews the skin around her nails?

Is it best to have a toenail removed completely if you suffer from chronic ingrown toenails?

When applying small wet beads of acrylic in the cuticle area, wouldn’t this make your ratio off and cause lifting?

Can fungus be transmitted from one client to another with a file if proper sanitation is used or if files are disposed of? Is it airborne?

When starting a pedicure, do you soak the client’s feet in disinfectant for at least five minutes or just soapy water?

I have a client who has been working on her feet for 36 years and is now developing painful calluses. How can I ease her pain?

I think I may have scaly skin that's caused by something called two foot/one hand syndrome. What do I do?

I have a client with fan-shaped nails that are also very flat.

What is the main difference between a classic pedicure and a spa-type pedicure?

I understand how allergic reactions work, but I am very perplexed at the high incidence of it I’m having lately. Please help.

Is it OK to fix a broken enhancement with glue?

How does salon temperature or body temperature affect the acrylic application process?

Why do light-colored polishes get streaky?

I cannot figure out what is causing my client's inability to keep a full set on.

What would cause a toenail to turn brown?

How do I use a drill with a sanding band and avoid damage to the nail plate?

Is too much primer causing lifting?

How can I get embedded dirt and oil out of the cuticles?

What are the pros and cons of orangewood sticks vs. metal implements when it comes to pushing back cuticles?

How often should you change your primer? I know it can get contaminated with bacteria.


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