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I have a number of clients with nail fungus who have no interest in taking medication. What home remedies can I offer?

Is it possible for natural nails to be permanently damaged if a drill is used on them?

How do you remove resistant callus?

A client with gels has ridges on her thumbnails that never seem to grow out. How can I hide them?

How do you keep sculptured acrylic nails looking clean and neat under the free edge?

We've had a client who's experiencing bubbling in her polish, but only recently.

What's the best type of tip to use on someone with ski jump nails?

Do you charge for nail repairs during fills?

Is there anything wrong with using nail glue instead of top coat?

What's a good way to remove the deep-down embedded dirt, oil, and grease from the sidewalls and cuticle areas of my male clients?

What files are best to use for a backfill?

A client's nails are popping off after a silk wraps on nail stress cracks. Why?

Are acetone-free polish removers more gentle on the nails than acetone-based ones?

What is causing a client's soft nail beds that repeatedly crack?

Please explain why a foot file must not be used on diabetic patients.

What's the right way to deal with a client with a bleeding, broken nail under acrylic?

Which is healthier for the nails – paper wraps or silk?

What can a nail tech do to help a client with ingrown toenails? I

What would make you switch acrylic products?

I'm new to using gels but I'm having trouble getting the nails just right.


A soluble substance that is a major component of living cells and cell membranes; includes fats and waxes.
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