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What is your favorite industry trade show?
ISSE Long Beach (6.5%)
Premiere Orlando (38.7%)
ABS Chicago (9.7%)
IBS New York (16.1%)
IBS Las Vegas (22.6%)
None of the above (6.5%)
When’s the last time you raised your prices?
Last month (17.8%)
Last year (24.4%)
A few years ago (13.3%)
I don’t even remember (15.6%)
Never (28.9%)
What style of nails typically garners you the most comments from passers-by?
Glitter (33.7%)
Animal print (12.2%)
French (13.3%)
Stiletto (8.2%)
Charmed/Embellished/3-D (32.7%)
Do you keep in touch with your clients outside of the salon?
Yes, my clients are mostly my friends (33.3%)
Yes, but only through social media (22.2%)
Only to follow up with their appointments (22.2%)
No, I only see them when they need nail work done (22.2%)
How do you stay energized at work?
Energy drink/Coffee/Tea (40.5%)
Getting eight hours of sleep a night (33.3%)
A lunchtime nap (0%)
Working out before/after work (2.4%)
Keep moving around the salon (23.8%)
What’s your personal favorite polish finish?
chrome (5.9%)
crackle (2%)
cream (20.4%)
matte (19.7%)
shimmer (28.9%)
sheer (10.5%)
other (12.5%)
While getting a service, most of my clients
Sleep (3.7%)
Chat with me (75.9%)
Talk on their phones/text (8.3%)
Read a magazine/book (6.5%)
Talk with others in the salon (2.8%)
Enjoy a cocktail (2.8%)
Are you friends with your salon coworkers?
Yes, we’re a big happy family (45.5%)
There are cliques, so I’m friends with some (1.8%)
Friendly, yes, friends, no (21.8%)
Frenemies is more like it (5.5%)
I work solo (25.5%)
When do you ask your clients to wash their hands?
Before their service (36.8%)
Before I apply polish (18.4%)
Before their service and before I apply polish (39.5%)
I don't require my clients to wash their hands (5.3%)
How do most of your clients first hear about your nail business?
Paid advertisement (magazine, radio, etc.) (3.8%)
Word-of-mouth from a current client (65%)
Social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) (17.5%)
Walk-bys or drive-bys (7.5%)
Internet search for salons in the area (6.3%)
Live events like networking events (0%)
Online review website (such as Yelp or Tripadvisor) (0%)

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