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What style of nails typically garners you the most comments from passers-by?

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In what decade did you first start your subscription to NAILS Magazine?
1980s (3.5%)
1990s (12.3%)
2000s (14%)
2010s (26.3%)
I don’t have a subscription (43.9%)
Approximately how many bottles of polish are in your personal (home) stash?
None. When I’m out of the salon, I don’t think about nails. (4.6%)
1-50: A reasonable amount, right? (38.8%)
51-100: I have to have all of the latest colors. (27%)
101-150: Hey, it’s not my fault seasonal collections come out every, you know, season. (9.2%)
More than 150: Hi, I’m ___, and I’m a polish addict. (20.4%)
How do you handle the non-nail service-related cleaning of your salon (like taking out the trash)?
We’ve hired a cleaning crew (7.5%)
We do it ourselves, with a schedule for who handles which tasks (47.5%)
We do it ourselves, based on who has the time and is willing to pitch in (45%)
Do you mix and match different brands of gel/gel-polish base and top coat with different colored gels/gel-polishes?
Yes, always/most of the time. (35.1%)
Yes, sometimes. (37.2%)
No, never. (25%)
No, I don’t offer gels or gel-polish. (2.7%)
Do you mix and match different brands of acrylic liquid (monomer) and acrylic powder?
Yes, always/most of the time. (14.3%)
Yes, sometimes. (25.3%)
No, never. (47.4%)
No, I don’t offer acrylics. (13%)
Does your salon have a landline for client phone calls?
No, we only have cell phone(s). (35.7%)
Yes, we have a landline. (54.3%)
Yes, we have more than one landline. (10%)
On a typical day, how many times do you hit the “snooze” button on your alarm clock before you get up for work?
Never — I’m so excited to create amazing nails! (19.8%)
Once — I need an extra 9 minutes. (25.6%)
Twice — Those 18 minutes are a big help. (20.9%)
Three — Almost an extra half an hour. (16.3%)
Four or More — My feet don’t hit the ground until at least 35 minutes after my alarm first goes off. (17.4%)
What’s the primary scent of your most popular pedicure?
Fruit (orange, apple, cherry, etc.) (28.6%)
Dessert (chocolate, sugar, cookies, etc.) (12.2%)
Peaceful (lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, etc.) (44.9%)
Nutty (almond, hazelnut, walnut, etc.) (8.2%)
Other: Send an e-mail with your most popular scent! (6.1%)
Do you have a referral system with a nail doctor (such as a podiatrist) for clients that you suspect have nail diseases or disorders?
Yes, I have an agreement with a doctor to refer clients to him. (5.3%)
I tend to refer clients to a select one (or few) doctors in the area, but it’s not a formal arrangement. (26.7%)
I don’t have any referral system with a doctor in place. (68%)
How do you typically handle last-minute holes in your work schedule?
Post to social networking site like Twitter to try to fill the slot (12.8%)
Call other clients like clients from a waiting list to try to fill the slot (15.4%)
Use the time to do other business-related tasks like cleaning the salon (51.3%)
Use it as free time to run errands or other personal tasks (20.5%)

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