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Men and nail color — yay or nay?
Yay — Men should wear whatever nail color they please. (14.7%)
Men look good in only “manly” colors (blacks, grays, etc.). (4.8%)
Men should have well-groomed nails and maybe a buff, but leave color to women. (63.4%)
Au naturale is the way to go for men’s nails. (17.1%)
How many times can a client no-show on you (no cancellation notice within 1 business day) until you “fire” her?
Only once (5.6%)
2 times (everybody gets one) (50%)
3 strikes and you’re out (36.6%)
4 or more times (I can’t risk losing clients) (7.7%)
What was your first impression of your current salon space (or booth) where you work?
Love at first sight (36.5%)
OK to start and has grown on me over time (26.9%)
OK to start but I’m liking it less and less over time (25%)
Blech at first, but with lots of TLC it’s now my home away from home (11.5%)
Do you eat breakfast?
Yes, most/all of the time (55.6%)
Sometimes (33.3%)
No, never (11.1%)
When working on a client’s nails, what hand do you predominantly use?
Right hand; I am right-handed (76.3%)
Right hand; but otherwise, I am left-handed (0.9%)
Left hand; I am left-handed (13.6%)
Left hand; but otherwise, I am right-handed (1.8%)
About both hands equally; I am ambidextrous (7.5%)
Do you answer your cell phone if it rings while you’re with a client?
Yes, always (or almost always) (3.9%)
Yes, if it’s a business call; no, if it’s personal (18.8%)
Yes, only if I suspect it’s urgent or an emergency (such as a sick child) (31.5%)
No, never (or seldom) (45.9%)
Since you have access to so many different nail colors and collections, do you like to wear the same signature color(s) all the time or do you opt to switch it up?
I switch it up and am usually wearing something that just arrived. (39.6%)
I do both (my signature shade and trying out new products) about equally. It depends on what mood I’m in. (46%)
I wear my signature color, but will switch it up if I want to promote a specific new product. (12.9%)
I’m almost always sporting my signature nail color. It’s classic. (1.4%)
Would you personally get a fish pedicure?
Yes (22.5%)
No (42.7%)
What is a “fish pedicure”? (34.8%)
How old were you when you enrolled in beauty school (for nails)?
Younger than 20 (31.6%)
21-25 (24.6%)
25-30 (17%)
31-35 (8.7%)
36-40 (8.7%)
41-45 (4.7%)
46-50 (2.5%)
Over 50 (2.2%)
What sort of make-good do you give a client if you’re running more than a few minutes late for her appointment?
I give her a percentage off of her service price for today’s service (20.5%)
I give her a free upgrade during her appointment today (28.8%)
I give her a coupon for a future service (5.8%)
I give her a free retail item or sample (10.9%)
I offer a make-good, but it’s not one of the choices listed above (10.9%)
I don’t offer anything (23.1%)

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