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How quickly do you typically return client phone calls?
within 30 minutes (33.3%)
within 2 hours (28.2%)
within 6 hours (4.7%)
within 12 hours (3.8%)
within 24 hours (6.6%)
more than 24 hours (0.9%)
n/a (I always answer the phone when clients call.) (22.5%)
Do you have MSDS for all of the products in your salon?
Yes (27.4%)
No (27.4%)
Most of them (16.8%)
What are MSDS? (28.4%)
Do you wear gloves when performing nail services on clients?
Yes (25%)
No (45.2%)
Sometimes (29.8%)
When was the last time someone else (other than yourself) did your nails?
Within the past week (20.7%)
Within the past month (11%)
Within the past 3 months (7.2%)
Within the past 6 months (3.4%)
More than 6 months ago (57.8%)
What’s your favorite part of the holiday season?
the influx of clients who haven’t come in for a while (27.3%)
giving and getting client gifts (11.4%)
decorating the salon for the season (31.8%)
throwing a fun salon holiday party (11.4%)
the time off (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, etc.) (18.2%)
Do you ask your clients to wash their hands before starting a manicure?
Yes (69.9%)
No (16.9%)
Sometimes (13.2%)
What is the typical source of your workday lunch?
brown-bag it from home (53.3%)
the vending machine (3.9%)
a fast food place (23.7%)
a sit-down restaurant (5.3%)
I don’t eat lunch (13.8%)
From the age of 18 to the present, how many careers OTHER THAN NAILS have you worked in?
0 (12.9%)
1 (18.2%)
2 (21.3%)
3 (18.2%)
4 (8.9%)
5 (5.3%)
More than 5 (15.1%)
How many different polish brands does your salon keep on hand for nail services?
0 – my salon doesn’t offer polish-based services and/or clients must bring in their own polish (2.3%)
1 (19.2%)
2 (25.2%)
3 (19.6%)
4 (7.5%)
5 or more (26.2%)
Does your salon properly dispose of “hazardous waste” items like acrylic liquid, UV gel, and polish that’s gone bad?
Yes, all the time (34.5%)
Sometimes (8%)
No, we dispose of it in the regular trash or pour it down the drain (23%)
Unsure, I’m not in charge of product disposal (6.9%)
We use all of our product before it goes bad, so there’s no “hazardous waste” left. (27.6%)

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