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What social networking site do you use the most?
MySpace (15.3%)
Facebook (67.4%)
Twitter (1.9%)
LinkedIn (0%)
YouTube (13.4%)
Blogger (1.9%)
How do you typically handle an unexpected absence (such as an illness or emergency)?
I reschedule the affected clients to a different day on my schedule. (63.5%)
I reschedule the affected clients with another tech at my salon. (21.2%)
I reschedule the affected clients with another tech at a different salon. (0.6%)
I haven’t had an unexpected absence at my current job. (14.7%)
About how often does your salon have staff meetings?
Once a week (14.6%)
A few times a month (5.6%)
Once a month (20.2%)
Once a quarter (7.9%)
Once a year (2.2%)
We don’t have regular staff meetings (49.4%)
What kind of music do you usually have playing in your salon?
Adult Contemporary/Soft Rock (18.2%)
Top 40/Pop Music (26.3%)
Hip Hop/Rap (13.9%)
Country/Folk (7.3%)
Classical (8.8%)
Ambient/Lounge (19%)
None (6.6%)
How do you handle children in the salon?
Children are welcomed in our salon. (54%)
Children are not welcome in our services area, but we provide waiting or other supervised areas for children to stay while waiting. (26.7%)
We have a no-children-allowed policy, but rarely/never enforce it. (8%)
We have a clear no-children-allowed policy and consistently enforce it. (11.3%)
What’s the most common nail shape your clients wear?
oval (7.6%)
square (52.3%)
squoval (36%)
round (2.3%)
pointed (1.8%)
What kind of Smart Phone do you use?
iPhone (19%)
Blackberry (27.6%)
Palm Pilot (7.5%)
Other brand (17.8%)
I don’t use a smart phone. (28.2%)
What is your slowest day of the week?
Sunday (17.9%)
Monday (31.6%)
Tuesday (22.5%)
Wednesday (13.7%)
Thursday (6.2%)
Friday (5.2%)
Saturday (2.9%)
Based on your clientele, for which holiday season do you get the most requests for themed nail art?
Valentine’s Day (17%)
Mother’s Day (4.6%)
Halloween (7.8%)
Thanksgiving (1.8%)
Christmas (60.1%)
Other (3.7%)
I don’t offer nail art (5%)
What time do you typically start your workday?
Before 7 a.m. (7.4%)
7 a.m. – 9 a.m. (42.8%)
9:01 a.m. – 11 a.m. (38.7%)
11:01 a.m. – 1 p.m. (6.4%)
1:01 p.m. – 3 p.m. (2.5%)
After 3 p.m. (2.2%)

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