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Will you be giving gifts to your clients during the holiday season in December?
Yes, to all my clients (50.2%)
Yes, only to my regulars (35.9%)
No, not this year (though I have in the past) (7.4%)
No, I never do (6.5%)
Do you charge for repairs?
No, I don’t charge for repairs. (31.9%)
Yes, I always charge for repairs. (22%)
Yes, if the damage is the client’s fault. (46.2%)
How many tries did it take you to pass your state board licensing exam?
I passed on the first try. (92.3%)
I passed on the second try. (5.5%)
I passed on the third try. (0.6%)
I passed on the fourth try. (0.4%)
It took me five or more tries to pass. (1.3%)
About how many clients do you service every week?
5 or fewer (24.7%)
6 – 15 (19.9%)
16 – 30 (20.3%)
31 – 50 (14.3%)
More than 50 (20.8%)
In the past two years, what’s the farthest you’ve traveled for nail education?
0-50 miles (41.4%)
51-100 miles (17.8%)
101-200 miles (12.4%)
201-500 miles (11.8%)
More than 501 miles (16.6%)
What sort of medical insurance plan do you have?
I have private insurance that I purchased on my own. (9.5%)
I have group health insurance, such as through a union, professional association, or through my salon. (12.9%)
I’m on my husband’s/wife’s insurance plan. (33.2%)
I’m on Medicaid or other government-funded insurance. (10.3%)
I don’t have medical insurance. (34.1%)
When do you usually file your business taxes?
January (22.1%)
February (38.2%)
March (20.5%)
April (12%)
I usually file for an extension (7.2%)
What percent commission do you make on your retail sales?
0 (I don’t sell retail) (36.7%)
1-5 (11.2%)
6-10 (25%)
11-15 (7.4%)
16+ (19.7%)
How long of a lunch break do you take during a typical salon day?
0 — I generally work through lunch. (27.6%)
15-30 minutes (34.8%)
30-45 minutes (17.1%)
45 minutes–1 hour (12.4%)
More than an hour (8%)
Do you do your own nails?
Yes — I switch up the designs frequently (49.4%)
Yes — I always wear my signature pink and whites (10.6%)
Sometimes — When I have time (19.3%)
No — Another tech does my nails (10.7%)
No — I don’t have my nails done (10%)

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