Are you a nail technician dealing with various issues regarding toenail fungi? Worry not. We have a few tips that can help you in treating them with professional care.

This article is all about those simple ways that are safe to execute while treating a customer inflicted with a toenail fungus.



Never use non sterilized tools

If you are going to check the toenail by using a few tools or clean it. Do not forget to clean the tools before and after use. An experienced professional always knows that he needs to keep a separate set of nail care tools to treat clients suffering from toenail fungus.

Do not use harsh chemicals

The infected spot may seem painless, but it can become sore and stout when treated with harsh chemicals. No one wants to hurt their client just by being irresponsible. Whenever any such client arrives, clean their nails with mild tonics and chemicals.

Examine the toenail carefully

Never recommend a solution to any client to treat toenail fungi before consulting an expert (in case you do not have a diploma in medicine). The only thing that a nail technician should do is to examine the nail carefully.

There are several types of nail fungi, and the appearance of the infected nail can tell the exact species. If you are really interested in helping the client, do not skip this crucial step.



Cover your hands

To treat nails, even for a pedicure, technicians must keep their hands clean and covered. However, when it specifically about the infected toenail, you cannot ignore it. Always use medicated gloves to clean and treat the nails with nail fungus.

Dry the nails properly

Treating infected nails requires a lot of concentration and safety measures. You cannot let any such client leave your salon/clinic with wet feet. Fungi love moisture, and a damp nail will lead to the proliferation of the infection.


Toenail fungus seems like a very insignificant health issue, but in reality, it can be the worst nightmare for a lot of us. The fungus can eat away the entire toenail. Being a responsible nail technician, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps to take care of the toenail fungus.

Also, if you see any client already with the nail fungus, it would also be better to suggest them to get a checkup with the doctor while also suggesting them some safe home remedies like one explained by fixnailsfungus on Apple cider vinegar for nail fungus because as a nail technician you should also give a good piece of advice to your client if she is already suffering with such fungus.

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