A fresh manicure and pedicure polishes a look – although nicely-buffed nails were just out of reach when salons were put on hold during 2020. While visiting nail salons won't be a thing of the past any time soon, the business of at-home nail grooming is currently soaring. 

So, let's talk about the Bellasonic Advanced Nail Grooming System, which is a 4-in-1, rechargeable, electric nail file for shaping, smoothing, buffing and shining. This is a perfect device to recommend to clients who want to maintain well-groomed nails between visits or those with weak hands and flexibility issues. And, TBH, this is a welcome multi-use tool for pros who want to get in on the fun! 

Everything you need for healthy and gorgeous nails is included in the kit. Maybe your guests have trouble shaping at home because of a dominant hand or dexterity issues like arthritis. However, these oscillating motion discs are mobility friendly and move back and forth to reduce friction, heat and damage compared to traditional rotary files. It's a safe tool clients can turn to when away from their pro. 

How It Works

Using Bellasonic will help the appearance of the surface of the nails (ridges, scratches, left over gel polish and generally dull nails) and create a natural, high shine. The device also gently removes overgrown cuticles and dry skin from nail beds. It only takes a few minutes on each hand to even out the length of nails and smooth ridges.


Some file attachments rapidly spin in one direction, generating intense heat and friction, and that can cause damage. Bellasonic helps with precise grooming of nails, cuticles and calloused skin without burning. Consider this a reminder that life is not perfect, but nails definitely can be! 

The Bellasonic Electric Nail File with Interchangeable Discs is available at BellasonicBeauty.com.

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