Spring brings change--a new crop of seasonal services, an updated color palette, fresh nail shapes, and this, too: a new standard in salon disinfection.

According to disinfectant industry leader Rejuvenate™,  a shift is happening, and it’s big.

The company just launched a new 1-gallon size of its popular Ready-to-Use, a hospital grade Surface Disinfectant formula designed to help nail salons:

  • Save time and money
  • Disinfect larger surfaces and equipment efficiently
  • Reduce plastic waste, to be better for the environment

The launch of the larger Ready-to-Use format is exciting on its own, but it also aligns with a larger movement of salons enhancing their disinfection strategies long-term.

As nail techs and salon owners work through guest capacity limits and other issues, the savviest are planning to keep client health, wellness and disinfection front and center in their salons, well into the future. And Rejuvenate™ is building out the framework and tools to support them.

Safety and comfort are the new normal, after all, and studies show consumers are wowed (and will come back) when businesses go above and beyond their safety expectations.

So, ask yourself:  

  1. Is your disinfection program up-to-date, fast and effective?
  2. Have your sanitation protocols changed since reopening?
  3. Are you consistently communicating about safety?
  4. Are your disinfectants EPA registered and effective against the virus that causes COVID-19?

Finally, what changes might you be willing to try for your business this spring?

IDEA #1: Showcase Your Commitment to Safety

Celebrate your disinfection process and products, urges Holly Schippers, industry advocate and social media personality (@FingerNailFixer). She recommends Rejuvenate™ Salon and Spa Disinfectants to peers and fellow professionals.

“These are the products I use every day in the salon, Schippers says. “Rejuvenate™ offers superior technology, higher standard of disinfection, with a rapid contact time, which I love.”

To elevate guest awareness about disinfection, Schippers crafts compelling, eye-catching Rejuvenate™ displays, placed creatively and strategically throughout her salon, and also to social media (#SanitationSunday). The activations have become so popular with guests and followers, salon safety has become a regular part of Schippers’ stories.

She often features Rejuvenate™ Ready-to-Use Solution, and now, the new gallon size fits in beautifully. “I keep it all fun and interesting, by displaying my cleaning and disinfecting products with other decorative pieces. Disinfection has become my statement piece.”

It’s easy to make that statement appealing, given all Rejuvenate™ packaging and the customizable certificate, salon fliers, tent cards and protocol builder menus are consistently designed to work beautifully together, and complement any salon or spa environment.

On the protocol builder, certification section and throughout the learnaboutrejuvenate.com website, Schippers goes all in, uploading her logo and tapping into a rich array of Rejuvenate™ assets and resources. She encourages any nail or beauty pro who is curious, considering, or already engaged with the Rejuvenate™ brand to do the same. Anyone can use the free online protocol tool, she reminds the nails community “Update or build your own protocols and disinfection identity to share with your guests, there’s no charge or commitment.”

Throughout it all--creating displays, personalizing collateral, posting about disinfection, and serving guests--it’s evident Schippers takes pride in her role as a nail professional and is serious about her responsibility as a mentoring voice.

“One thing I’m trying to emphasize to other nail professionals right now is to stop focusing negative energy on what we have to do,” Schippers says, “and to be proud of what we’ve always done to keep our clients well.” 

Matthew Buccioni couldn’t agree more. Buccioni is Infection Prevention & Biosecurity Specialist at Virox Technologies, makers of EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectants for over 20 years. This includes the salon- and spa-specific Rejuvenate™  brand, solely dedicated to making it easier and more convenient for beauty professionals to keep their space ready for clients

“Right now, nail professionals have the opportunity of a lifetime to educate clients on what is being done day in and day out to protect them,” Buccioni says. “Our problem-solving products provide different ways of doing just that--protecting, educating and elevating the disinfection conversation.”

Prioritizing infection control is here to stay, Buccioni predicts. Nail techs and teams who optimize the process and use Rejuvenate™ products will secure an advantage, through speed, efficiency and professional care.


IDEA #2: “Go Big” to Save Money, Accelerate Business

Sustainability can mean a lot of different things to salons at this moment in time--to protect your business and the planet. Rejuvenate™ Ready-to-Use solution in gallon size is the latest in a steady series of straightforward products and efficient innovations the company has introduced to help professionals before, during and through the pandemic..

The overall goal?  Elevate disinfection to strengthen nail salons’ business efficiency, reputation, safety and sustainability--conserving resources and being smart businesspeople--is part of the equation.

Rejuvenate™ added the 1-gallon format to the already popular Rejuvenate™ Ready-To-Use product line in its environmentally friendly, biodegradable formula to further expand and meet the needs of the professional beauty market.

  • The larger, Ready-to-Use size is ideal for disinfection of large areas in spa and salon settings. The solution can be used with various disinfectant application devices and equipment to ensure fast, efficient and effective disinfection. It’s effective against germs in as little as one minute and is easy to use, with no dilution required.
  • The larger Ready-to-Use size also offers an economical choice for users to easily refill existing spray bottles and reduce their plastic consumption, pairing green practices with an eco-friendly disinfectant.
  • Buying smart, in volume, and refilling multiple, reusable spray bottles generates savings, too.

IDEA #3: Save Time with Fast One-Step Surface Disinfection

Time is always money in the salon, but this year, every minute feels particularly precious.

Even as Schippers works to draw her guests’ attention toward Rejuvenate-built disinfection protocols, she is mindful of the need for speed in executing them. That’s why she and so many in the professional nail and beauty industry are such fans of Rejuvenate™  Ready-to-Use formula, and appreciate the gallon refill option.

“Being able to just spray and leave equipment and surfaces wet while they disinfect in one lightning-quick step is a game changer,” Shippers says. “Faster turnover time in the salon  and disinfection in as little as one minute is an amazing benefit.”

All those saved minutes add up, and, when tallied across a day or week in the salon, faster turnover and saved time equates to more business.

To recap, Rejuvenate™ Ready-to-Use Solution in the gallon format is:

  • Exactly what it says it is: ready to use, straight out of the bottle
  • Fast and easy: As little as a one-minute contact time is what makes this a must-have, bulk buy. Just spray and walk away!
  • All about “no wait time:” minimum fuss, maximum turnarounds
  •  Streamlined! “I order more gallons at once, less frequently, so even that’s a time saver,” Schippers says.
  • Perfect for larger spaces: workstations, chairs, non-circulating foot baths, table lamps, drying stations, reception areas, washrooms, and more. Also good for safety partitions/dividers, sneeze guards and treatment shields
  • Powerful enough to meet the EPA’s (List N) criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, with a ONE MINUTE contact time
  • Gentle for  professionals and your guests:  biodegradable, odorless, non-irritating to eyes and skin, alcohol-free, bleach-free, etc.

Going Above and Beyond

At the end of the day, besides offering effective and safe products, Rejuvenate™ offers the professional beauty community a turn-key disinfection strategy and tool kit, all accessible through an easy to use online portal.

All of the education is available, all the communication materials can be personalized and downloaded for free. “Some of the pieces are almost like pledge cards, validating a message of “I do clean, I do disinfect,” Buccioni notes.

Consumers equate cleanliness with comfort and confidence. Visual cues like Rejuvenate™ tent cards, customized protocol service menus, disinfection training certificates--even displays of your favorite safety products--will reassure guests and help them feel good about their decision to visit your salon and come back.


“We’re committed to making it as easy and painless as possible for you to get as many clients safely into your salon chairs as possible, every day,” says Buccioni. “We are here to help you disinfect in a timely manner, while making sure you are being profitable. We also believe in building esteem around your role--elevating the service of disinfection you are giving, every time you provide a safe environment for your guest and yourself.”

Virox Technologies has been formulating revolutionary disinfectants for the war against pathogens for more than 20 years. As the creators of the Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) technology behind RejuvenateTM, Virox is committed to providing safer, more sustainable solutions to support a wide range of industries in building robust infection prevention programs. In addition to developing innovative products, Virox provides education and technical support to help salons and spas optimize their infection prevention protocols. Using Rejuvenate with the right training and protocols can help you open with confidence each day.

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