Surviving the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major struggle for many businesses, especially those small, individually owned businesses having less than 10 employees. Salons definitely fall into that category.


While 2020 was a difficult year for salon professionals, Phon Malone, CEO of Revel Nail, has high hopes for 2021.  He has been on a mission to assist nail professionals during this time by providing them with the resources to navigate the pandemic.

Revel Resources

Through the pandemic and beyond, Revel Nail strives to offer the best products and promotions possible for nail professionals so they can provide clients with the service they deserve. Professionals can shop on their website and can purchase pro exclusive products at their local distributors.

Pros can also join their Pro Community where they can get exclusive perks they can’t find anywhere else and Revel Nail created a Professional Facebook Community Group, connecting nail professionals from all over the world to share their experience through the pandemic. “We’ve found that our social media community has been a great support system for our salon professionals,” Malone says.


One goal in 2021 is to increase Revel Nail’s international outreach. “Expanding our network to connect with professionals worldwide is a priority for us,” Malone says. “At Revel Nail, we pride ourselves on having some of the best dip powders on the market. We want to make our products as accessible to as many professionals as possible.”

Along with growing their international outreach, Revel Nail is also increasing inclusivity. They recently increased their variety of nude shades with twelve new additions to ensure every complexion can find their complimentary shade of nude.

With over 300 Revel Nail shades available, and many more in the works, professionals now have a variety of dip powders they can offer their clients to meet each and every need.

Staying Sanitary

In 2020, Revel Nail released a video sharing their best practices for a sanitary dip powder application. Revel Nail advises that nail professionals should practice the pour over method, as a more sanitary alternative to dipping. Using a cuticle pusher or nail swatch spoon, professionals can pour dip powder over clients’ nails rather than dipping the nail directly into a powder.

When it comes to ombre designs, it is recommended to use a brush to tap the powder onto the designated portion of the nail. This method can also be used for a single-color application.

“All of our collections launched since Fall of 2018 have been monomer compatible and all 80 shades of our Trio’s are monomer compatible,” Malone adds. “Being monomer compatible means being able to use our dip with monomer as well as dip liquids to provide another safer application method.”

“Above all, we want to encourage safety and kindness as we continue to navigate through these difficult times together,” Malone concludes.

Nail professionals who would like to stay updated on Revel Nail’s latest resources and deals can sign up for email alerts. For a limited time, nail professionals in their Pro Community can receive two free ombre brushes with any purchase using the code OMBREPRO.



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