Things are heating up as the NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Competition heads into its final weeks.

The challenge for our finalists this week was Harajuku Punk, and the resulting nails are punk-tastic. 

Here are the instructions each finalist was given: 


CND co-founder and style director Jan Arnold is known for her iconic fashion sense. NTNA Season 7 winner Giselle Caballero perfectly summed up Jan’s style by creating Harajuku punk nail art for Jan to wear.

Taking a cue from Jan’s style and Giselle’s concept, we ask that the Top 4 create a set of Harajuku Punk nail art to be worn on 10 nails. On one hand, show us a Harajuku punk style fit for the runway, including 3-D elements and embellishments. On the other hand, show us a wearable version that is 2-D only on short nails (nails cannot exceed TK in.). Both looks must look cohesive. Because Jan’s style is unexpected, we ask that you add at least one found object (non-nail item) into this design. Submit a video diary (5-7 minutes) explaining the look you created and the techniques used. Because this manicure is inspired by Jan, ONLY CND products can be used except for embellishments AND the found object(s) included. 

See all the nail creations and designs, and the videos of their being made here. 

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