In Challenge 4 of NAILS Next Top Nail Artist(NTNA), the finalists were asked to create nails that would move from real way to runway.  The challenge was called “Work, Play, Every Day” to highlight the transformation from one environment to the next, and the transition nails would take in their designs to fit into these different spaces.


The winner of this challenge was Marija Sechovcova (@nailsbymasha_) who describes her process in her video and her essay, below:

“As we know,  most workplaces don’t allow employees to have long nails with wild designs, so because of this I chose to create some concrete textured nails with a touch of liquid silver. Concrete is trendy right know. It is used in furniture, decorations etc., and my thought was that it would also look good on nails. 

“To create this texture, I used three shades of Shellac (dark grey, black, and white). I used a regular sponge to create this natural texture of the concrete. I also decided to add some silver parts to these nails, so it would give more interesting details and the nails would not look so simple anymore. I used this shade of silver because of the accessories that I created, so it would match and have the same theme.

“The accessories that I created are inspired by Schiaparelli Couture spring/summer 2021. By creating the accessories, I wanted to show that it is possible to sculpt a whole finger with the ENRICHRx gel. The idea behind this design is that I wanted to create accessories that have no need to use glue or stickers on the actual nails, because it is made as a ring. As we know, in this challenge we needed to create all accessories out of nails product which I also did. The pearls and green emeralds are also created with gel and Shellac.”

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