Nail art not only taps into fashion and beauty, allowing you to play with trending shapes, colors and styles, it can also help you, the artist, bring out your client's personality and express themselves.  So for nail art that truly makes a statement, you want to spend more time creating and less time drying.  Here's where MelodySusie's 2-in-1 Nail Art Lamp can help take the wait time out of create time. 

MelodySusie 2-in-1 Art Lamp: More Features Means More Efficiency

A bright idea for nail artists and nail professionals in all different settings,  the 2-in-2 Nail Art Lamp allows you to focus the light and also to adjust the angle of the nail plates so you can cover the entire nail surface with UV light, making sure you're drying quickly and evenly.  

For hand-painting enthusiasts, this two-in-one design allows you to switch the LED light with the UV light, which makes it time-saving and convenient for fine detail work. While you are curing your gel polish for 60 seconds, it will switch to LED light mode automatically, or you can also simply touch the button on the head to switch it if needed.

Meet Your Customer Where They Are

Have you seen the social media posts from nail artists, frustrated by their inability to get their client's to position their hands properly or in a way that allows them to do their best work?  

A feature of this 2-in-1 Nail Art Lamp is its flexible tube design.  It allows you to move and position the lamp for all different angles.  And it's lightweight, rechargeable and cordless; the battery can last for 6 hours of use.





 -  Photo: MelodySusie

Photo: MelodySusie


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