This year marks the 13th anniversary of MelodySusie, a trusted source for nail manicure products. To celebrate their support of the nail industry for 13 years, and to show their gratitude to friends and customers, they are launching a month-long Anniversary Celebration!

With 13 years of consistently innovating and improving on their nail product development,  MelodySusie has over 5 million worldwide users of their nail drills. And they're not stopping at 5 million; MelodySusie says their mission is to become the world’s number-one brand of nail manicure products.

Since its founding, MelodySusie has been listening to the voice of users to inform the development of their products, and have committed to continuous investment in innovation and R&D.  In the past year, alone, they have created a series of new products: they not only developed nail drills like Atena, Sparkle Plus, and Jade, and nail lamps like 2 in 1 UV LED Nail Art Lamp, but also they also introduced Press-on Nails and Kolinsky Acrylic Nail Brushes


What Nail Artists Say About MelodySusie

After the launch of these products, MelodySusie has received thousands of positive reviews from influencers and professional manicurists, and many are especially thrilled with the nail drills and nail lamps. 

Here's what these nail enthusiasts had to say about MelodySusie:

@ jessthenailpolisher: (Jade) My daily efile!!! I absolutely LOVE it. No more wrist pain with its lightweight design.

@ monica Figueroa: (Atena) I already love it so far! Would recommend for beginners or advanced Nail Tech. Melody Susie let’s do work lol.

@ SupaKat: (Sparkle Plus) It is so sturdy and smooth. Doesn't make much noise or stop with pressure. May have found my favorite brand.

MelodySusie prides itself on listening to the voice of every single customer and paying attention to their needs. They take understanding and addressing the pain points of their customers as their most important responsibility.  As a result, they have comprehensively improved their after-sales service and trained their customer care team. They receive professional instruction every month and are regularly evaluated on their service performance. And MelodySusie says these efforts have been recognized and affirmed by many of their customers.

Here are what customers say about MelodySusie's customer service:

@ Annas Allure: Perfect customer service they help me with the issue I had with my nail drill that I was gifted years back I didn’t have a receipt but they still find a way to help me.

@Iaisha Ringler: My hand drill stopped working all of a sudden and wouldn’t lock my drill bits in place and they got back to me in a timely manner and a new one is already on the way.

@ Taylor: Amazing customer service and quick to try to resolve issues. they were very patient and kind! thank you:)

Anniversary Gifts for the Nail Artist

Without their loyal customers, MelodySusie says they would not be celebrating 13 successful years--and they want to say thank you to them. Their gift back to nail artists is the MelodySusie 13th Anniversary Limited Edition - Nail Drill Box, which includes the newest Jade Plus Nail Drill, newly launched nail drill bits with various shapes and a storage including essential accessories.  And, as an extra special gift, users can find a 50% OFF discount SITEWIDE during our celebration.

There will also be new manicure tools released during this big anniversary event. MelodySusie says it is their way of saying thanks for being a partner in their success and here's to many more anniversaries to come.

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