If you haven’t tried implementing soft gel extensions into your list of services yet, you should do so ASAP! Soft gel systems are popular with nail techs and clients alike for several reasons: They take practically no time to apply because there’s no building or shaping necessary, and whether you use that time saved to fit in more clients or do some detailed nail art, it can add a lot to your revenue.

Of course, it helps to have a really high-quality, professional-grade gel tip system if you want the absolute best results. Editorial nail artist Tara Haye (@tipsxtara) loves the freedom and ease that the Gelish Soft Gel extension system offers. Here are just a few things she appreciates about this system:

Easy Application


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Watch as Haye shows just how easy it is to apply the tips. All you have to do is prime the natural nail, apply the adhesive gel to the inside of the tip, press onto the nail, and cure. And there you have it—a perfect extension in just a few quick steps.

Smooth Surface


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The Soft Gel tips provide the perfect surface to apply Gelish gel polish for a long-lasting, beautiful manicure. Note that you should buff the surface of the tip for the best polish adhesion, but the smoothness of the tip makes this step extra simple.

Time for Art


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The speed with which you can apply Gelish’s Soft Gel tips provides you with ample time to execute your most intricate designs, which is sure to delight your nail art-loving clients. The sky is truly the limit with what you can create with this system.

The Gelish Soft Gel system comes in an array of shapes and lengths, allowing you to fully customize your client’s mani in an instant. There’s nothing quicker or easier than Soft Gel!

Learn more about the Gelish Soft Gel extension system at Gelish.com.

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