Yeah But….


If you were perfect

I would not like you.

So why do you strive

For this perfection?


Your client’s praise your work

And you shoot down their verbal gift.

Unknowingly disrespecting their

Feelings. They feel the nail shape

Is lovely — exclaiming, 

“Wow, I‘m back! I love the shape!”


You, all knowingly, with taught

Self-deprecation react,

“Yeah, but this one could be

Shaped better!”

What a slap in the face

To your client’s ideas.


Shutting down her views.


Closing her opinion.


Oh, but if you knew this

You wouldn’t keep doing it, right?

So, now you know.


Stop it!


Receive her opinion of you!


Is it because it’s praise

It’s hard to hear? 

Can you see beyond yourself

To hear her?

To receive her?


Or will you continue your 

Conversation with your own perfectionism

And not listen to her?


Her, your canvas.

Her, your supporter.

Her, your mirror. 


Reflect today that all

“Yeah buts” are ways

To deny yourself freedom.

It’s you, not the other, that takes it from you.


If you were perfect

I would not like you.

In fact, I love you 

N        O        W

Just as you are.


Naja, aka The Nail Guru is an award-winning nail artist, international educator and seasoned salon owner.  A key-note speaker and published writer, her nail work has been seen on Lady Gaga, Mary J Blige, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Kanye West, LL Cool J and many more. She holds a Guinness World Record for the most polish changes in an 8-hour period. (with 69 polish changes). Her passion is helping young entrepreneurs in the beauty field make consistent CASH from their CRAFT. She offers online classes, monthly workshops and coaching on the business side of the industry for beauty professionals. 




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