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The Making of Fleurwee: An Ultimate Blend of Beauty and Nature

In the ever-evolving world of beauty, natural products are not just a trend—they're a movement. Aligned with MelodySusie's commitment to beauty, health, and the environment, they are unveiling their latest beauty innovation: Fleurwee gel nail polish.

With over two years of rigorous testing and a dedicated pursuit of excellence, MelodySusie proudly introduces the Fleurwee Gel Nail Polish series—a revolutionary gel polish that is HEMA/HPMA- and TPO-free, plant-based gel polish for a high-quality nail care experience.

Key Features for First-of-its-kind Fleurwee Gel Polish

Hypoallergenic and 21 Toxins-Free

Fleurwee Gel is free of HEMA, HPMA, and TPO, which can be found in traditional gel polishes and that may cause skin irritations or allergic reactions. This hypoallergenic formulation ensures a safer and gentler option for nails and skin.

Plant-Based Formulation

Derived from vibrant flowers and plants, and enriched with soybean oil, Fleurwee gel nail polish aligns with the highest standards for safety and quality in nail care. It is free from 21 toxic substances typically found in nail products, such as formaldehyde and heavy metals, promoting healthier nails and a more eco-friendly beauty routine.

Nanogrinding Technology for Superior Performance

Without compromising on performance, Fleurwee Gel is made using nanogrinding technology to ensure a smooth application and a lustrous finish. Its upgraded formulation offers excellent self-leveling properties and up to 21-day wear, delivering the results expected of a premium gel polish.

Stunning Color Palette Inspired by Nature

When you apply Fleurwee, you are not just painting your nails, you are connecting with nature. Fleurwee Gel boasts a palette of 33 colors, each named to reflect nature's beauty—from vibrant florals to earthy tones like Black Rose and Gardenia White. This curated collection ensures every manicure is a unique expression of style, connecting users with the natural world.

Fleurwee was also meant to be an experience, a journey. Each color tells a story, and each bottle captures an emotion. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion, heading to work, or enjoying a casual day out, our carefully curated palette ensures that you’ll always have the right shade to match your style and express your individuality. Our nature-inspired colors not only enhance your look but also bring a touch of the natural world into your daily life, making every manicure a unique expression of your style.

Experience Fleurwee Gel Today

To celebrate the launch, MelodySusie presents a Limited Edition Gift Box featuring four bottles of Fleurwee gel nail polish, nail brushes, a porcelain-inspired gel polish bottle, and a bouquet of dried flowers—a perfect embodiment of elegance and nature's allure.

Explore how Fleurwee Gel redefines nail care with its plant-based formulation and stunning color palette. Don’t miss out on our limited-time discounts—visit MelodySusie's website and enjoy 30% off with code fleurweegel.

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