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Glitter Addicts

by NAILS Magazine | November 25, 2008

Hello, my name is Adrienne, and I am a glitter addict. There is no 12-step program for this addiction. And now that my favorite company, Young Nails, is providing classes here in North Carolina, there is no turning back!


Recently I met Cindy Sorrells, the North Carolina distributor and educator for Young Nails. She is on a mission to turn our state into a glitter lovin', stiletto wearing community of nail specialists. There is a tremendous need for quality education here. According to Cindy, "We are excited for the future of education here in North Carolina as techs find awesome education that isn't financially crippling."


The current choices for the CEU requirement are not anything extraordinary. Unfortunately, the class I attended to renew my license this year was not nearly as jam packed with info as a typical YN class. Teresa Carter, a YN educator in training, explained the difference from her point of view. "The thing that gets me the most excited about our classes is when you see someone that is obviously struggling with a technique, like gel application, and you work with them in the hands-on portion of the class and all of a sudden it clicks! You can see it on their face...that look that says, ‘I get it!’ You see that same look on the face of a veteran tech in our Imagination Art class. They come because their searching or because they need their CEU credits and then they see the demo and they get so jazzed by what the product can do, it translates into better work in the salon and they're excited about their career again! It's an awesome feeling to know you had a little part of that change!"


OK, I realize I’m on a soap box. But I feel I owe a lot to some of the techniques I learned from Young Nails that I use in the salon everyday. My business continues to grow because people around here have never seen rock star toes or glitter French tips. Their success has definitely helped my success as a nail specialist. Plus the creative outlet that they encourage keeps my brain thinking out of the box as far as nails go. If you haven't checked them out, give them a chance. What you find may just be cool enough to rock your nail world! 


— Adrienne, nail tech


The glitter nails shown are by Cindy Sorrells.

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