Blueprint of a First Year

Open For Business: All Polished Up!

by NAILS Magazine | October 28, 2009

I can't believe how fast the time is flying by. I was able to open my studio September 29, while it was still under construction. Let me clarify that: I had passed all the inspections, but was still working on things like painting, landscaping, cabinets, and my new HVAC system. This had obvious disadvantages, but those were outweighed by the advantages. I finally have my very own space, and my clients absolutely love it! It is so nice to be in a place I totally created to reflect me and to be in total control of what does or does not happen here.

The favorite of my additions is my pedi throne. I am so thankful for all those who shared this idea with me. It is so comfortable for the clients and myself. My clients love feeling like they are a queen or a king, even if it’s just for an hour during their pedicure!

I have also added hair services to my business, and I have been busy taking education classes and attending hair shows. I plan on gently easing my way back into hair and seeing where it goes from there. I already have a client base with my nail clients and have started doing their hair services as well.

My new HVAC system is still not in place but should be by the mid-November. The one I have now passed inspection but is not adequate for my needs. I am really looking forward to the difference the new one will make.

I am so thankful to have my own shop, and I’m starting the process of building my business. I am unable to have a sign because I opened in a residential area, so I have to be creative with my advertising. I have signs on my truck that sits out front of my studio. I have also handed out and mailed postcards, have a referral program for my clients, and I will be looking into advertising in the local newspaper. I am very hopeful that it won’t take long for my business to become all I want it to be. It has been definitely worth the wait!


—Marie, All Polished Up!, Dallas, Ore.

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