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Q & A: Princess Party Services

by NAILS Magazine | April 29, 2011

What products do you use for the girls during Princess Parties? Is it only a basic mani/pedi along with desired nail polish? Or do you actually use acrylics or gels?

Hi Roxana,

We use our regular manicuring products for our Princess Parties (lotion, remover, disposable files/emery boards, base coat, top coat, etc). The manis and pedis are very basic/minimal and consist of soaking the feet and hands (we use plastic basins for these), removing polish, filing and shaping the nails, applying lotion with very light massage, polish and nail art (that is generally their choice of a couple of decals for hands and feet or simple handpainted designs like stripes or dots). Each service takes approximately 10-15 minutes per girl. During our parties we also do very basic age-appropriate makeup for the girls.

We do not do any acrylics, gels, wraps or other type of enhancement for these girls. We are of the opinion that this age group should not be wearing enhancements. Therefore, we do not offer them for our parties or even as individual services for this age group. We understand that this opinion may vary from parent to parent and salon to salon but this is the policy we have chosen to adopt.

As a side note, when doing parties the services need to be kept to a minimum in order to accommodate all the girls with all the services (mini services). Also, the extent that the services go to would be dependent upon the price for each girl and the time alloted for each party. We have also taken into consideration time allowed for cake/beverage before the services begin.

— Melodie, Tickled Pink Salon & Nail Spa, Clayton, N.C.

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