Blueprint of a First Year

Trying Out Groupon Now

by NAILS Magazine | July 7, 2011
Yes, we are going to be giving Groupon a whirl. We've tried everything else so why not? Groupon now has a new service called Groupon Now, and it gives the business owner more flexibility and more control over the special deals offered, the fine print, the number offered, the days offered, the amount of discount, etc. While Groupon was something I was looking at early in the year I opted not to use it due to the deep discount that had to be offered in addition to Groupon's cut and commissions still needing to be paid out, etc. But Groupon Now has given me a better option. Our first special will be for a Tropical Paradise Specialty Pedicure at a 35% discount (it's regularly a $60 pedicure service). This will give us a chance to reach out to new clients and the timing is particularly good considering we've got a new tech.

— Melodie, Tickled Pink Salon & Nail Spa, Clayton, N.C.

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