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100% and a Snakeskin Pedi!

by NAILS Magazine | August 23, 2011

I raise my glass to this past week. It was the best week at school thus far. One, I took my test over Chapter 9: Diseases and Disorders and received 100%. Two, I obtained some snakeskin and figured out how to do the snakeskin manicure and pedicure. Lastly, the salon was slow all week, resulting in me having more time to really get to experiment and create on the other students’ nails. Also I was able to get my hair done — this is a wonderful field! The new cosmetology students arrive this Tuesday and the salon will be packed full of new fingernails for me to paint.

The snakeskin manicure was a hard one to get down. It took me three time to come out with the desired look. In the magazine it looks so easy but it is not. You must first find snakeskin. I found mine on Facebook from a friend. I was able to practice twice on a student. Everyone liked it and was pretty interested. Of course I was not satisfied with my work so I tried it on myself and got my intended result. How much would you pay for the time and creativity that goes into a snakeskin mani or pedi? SNAP once again to CND for the Shellac that makes this all happen. Yea, I did it with Shellac rather than traditional gels. I had to improvise because I'm out of my sculpting gels. Nest week chemistry. 

— Marti

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