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Chemistry Class and Minx Nails

by NAILS Magazine | September 1, 2011

Let’s start with theory. This week we studied and reviewed Chapter 10: Chemistry. That included Matter and Potential Hydrogen (Ph). This chapter covers a lot of material. I had anticipated that chemistry would be challenge for me (even more than Anatomy). But it was just the opposite. There may be a lot of material to cover but the difference is this is interesting. Can anyone tell me how many natural reacquiring elements there are? The pH scale? Or the difference between Chemistry and Organic Chemistry? I attend part-time so my testing is biweekly. Practical has been consistent with hot oil manicures and pedicures. I do these services well, but am ready to do nail enhancements, Shellac, and Minx. The new junior students have now been in school one week. I must warn any adult going to college that is also a vocational program for area high schools to be prepared to overlook the caddy drama around the salon. This is a good way to put your business professionalism to great use.

My new love of the week is Minx. Minx is a high-end fashion accessory that extends your own personal style to your nails. I was given a “Give Away of the Month” from my soon-to-be employer ( Aimee Emrick, Get Nailed, Wabash, Indiana). She received this sample as a give-away from Nails Magazine. Minx Golden Lightning, that was worn by Beyonce in her “Put a Ring on It” video, was the consolation gift. I tried this process at home with a hair dryer. I mostly practice on myself, which leads to damaged nail plates, and no free edges left. However, I did make this work the best I could. I am happy with the results and have received may compliments. The one thing I found out is it adheres to the nail plate like shrink wrap. Therefore, if the nail plate is damaged you see the mini bumps and ripples when you look at it up close. Overall I recommend this product. SNAP to chrome nail that do not scratch!

— Marti

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