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New Top 25 Competitors List

by NAILS Magazine | September 28, 2011

NAILS has revamped its Top 25 Competitors List online so that you can sort through the top 25 competitors over the last 18 years. You can see the list here, and track how competitors have done throughout the years. The new list is searchable by year, name, and rank, so you can find any competitor that has been ranked by NAILS during this time.

The Top 25 list is compiled by NAILS Magazine throughout the competition year, accumulating points until a top competitor is named at the end of the competition year, which usually coincides with the IBS Las Vegas show in June.

Competitors can earn points for any nail competition open to the public.

A 1st place showing earns 6 points.

2nd place earns 5 points.

And 3rd place earns 4 points.

NAILS Magazine denotes special “super points” for placing in specific nationally-recognized competitions. Nail competitors in the “veteran” categories at these shows earn twice the amount of points listed above for the same placement, as well as giving points out for 4th place showings. (Novice categories earn regular points.)

1st place — 12 points

2nd place — 10 points

3rd place — 8 points

4th place — 6 points

The current NAILS “super points” shows are:

• Beauty Expo – Long Beach, Calif., October 23-24

• ISSE Long Beach, January 28-30

• Premiere Orlando, June 2-4

• IBS Las Vegas,  June 9-12

For information on upcoming competitions and nail shows, check out NAILS Calendar page here and also help us make sure your competition work is getting recognized by NAILS by notifying us to any shows out there with competitions that are open to the public.

If you place, NAILS needs a contact person for the event to supply us with the results of the full competition contestants so we can properly attribute points.

If you have any questions about the NAILS Top Competitor point system, please email Judy Lessin (,  and good luck with all your competition goals this year.

—     Tim

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