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Marti Graduates and Passes Pre-State

by NAILS Magazine | January 10, 2012

Big hello to everyone! I have now graduated from the nail technician program at VOGUE dba Huntington Beauty College. I am now in the salon learning more and more and preparing for my state board exam. 

Time seemed to be just standing still or slowly ticking away during the last 23.5 hours. With all my projects and requirements already met, the last few days of school were boring. I just waited anxiously ready for my hours to be complete so I could take the pre-state test. Guidelines at my school state you have to have all hours complete, tuition paid in full, head shot, a live model, and $40 to take the pre-state exam. Believe it or not it’s hard to get a hand model (aka friend) to show up at 8 am sharp and sit quietly for 1 hour.

Here's the kicker. I finally met all requirements and was scheduled to take my pre-state exam. I was nervous about the questions on the exam because that part of the test was verbal (no multiple choice) on pre-state. I arrived one hour early to take my exam and my model didn’t show up. If your model does not show up you have to reschedule. I was ready to be done and get that diploma. My friend did not show but another friend came and endured the hour of pain for him. Yes I had to use a male hand model. He did well and I'm grateful he was willing. The deal is you need a live hand to do your work on. Work included one sculptured, one acrylic overlay, one tip enhancement, and finish off with the basic manicure and paint them red! Meanwhile you are being asked about diseases, disorders, and basic questions about sanitation, station set-up, tools, cosmetics, etc. I GOT A 96%! Passed with flying colors and got the diploma! SNAP 

I'm now in the salon GET NAILED watching and learning so much. I'll be back to let everyone know just how difficult the state board exam is, because the pre state was nerve racking but a breeze. Well, if your model shows up. I can't stress to all of you enough to find your model and give her ample notice. The model can make or break you. Without one you do not receive a diploma. 

Also, I wanted to share this painting I did on canvas with nail lacquer. Look at all the pretty things you can do with lacquer.

— Marti

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