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Six Steps to Make Your Goals a Reality

by NAILS Magazine | February 1, 2012

In last week’s post, I mentioned something I learned from Michael Cole. This formula helps me when setting goals. The magic formula is how much, of what, by when. I shared my goal with you. To recap: I stated how much (20), of what (promotions), by when (during the month of February). This formula helps me to make and see my goal clearly. It also sets the goal standards and parameters. I have put together a few ideas that help me to reach goals in addition to Michael Cole’s formula.


1. Say it out loud: Tell someone about your goal. I have said my goal out loud. By telling someone else (you, my readers), I have no choice but to put the goal in place and make sure I follow through. So, once you have decided on your goal, you need to tell someone. This person will be your cheerleader. We talked about this a few weeks back. I want you to tell your goal to someone you trust, someone who believes in you. You are also going to allow your cheerleader to check in with you weekly or more often to see how you are progressing. This should be someone who will help to keep you focused, cheer you on, and pick you up if you’re feeling defeated by your goal.


2. Do your homework: I find the best way to sell a promotion is to do the math. Show your client the savings. True fact: The number-one reason someone will not purchase a retail item, do an additional service, or buy a promotion is money/cost. However, most clients will more than likely decline by saying, “I don’t have the time.” You have to show your clients the value and savings; they will not figure it out for themselves. So by doing your homework ahead of time, you’ll sound prepared and you won’t stumble through your words. You’ll know your dollar amounts/savings ahead of time and won’t have to count on your fingers.


3. “Show me the money!”: My pedicures usually cost $56, a paraffin treatment is $7. This makes my Paraffin Pedicure cost $63. The promotion is two Paraffin Pedicures for $99. Two of my paraffin pedicures totals $126. Take the cost of my two paraffin pedicures minus the cost of the promotion. $126-$99=$27. This means my client will save $27 by purchasing the promotion. This is a huge selling point; this alone will help to close the deal.


4. Deliver good news: I also realized by doing my math homework that the cost of my two pedicures is $112. The promotion cost is $99 So by purchasing the promotion, my client will pay less than usual for two pedicures and get the paraffin treatments FREE! (It’s within $1 — we’ll call it free.)


5. Practice what you preach: I find when I am trying to sell something, it works better for me to talk about the savings and to sell the benefit, not the product. I learned “sell the benefit, not the product” from Michael Cole years ago and still live by it today. Here is what I’ve practiced to say to my clients to offer the promotion: “This month our promotion is two Paraffin Pedicures for $99. Two Classic Pedicures usually cost $126, but with this promotion you will get two pedicures with paraffin treatments for $99. You’ll save $27! Paraffin treatments are very beneficial this time of year. A paraffin treatment opens the pores and compresses moisture into the skin. I’ll contour and shape your calluses, then exfoliate. This will get rid of that dead layer of winter skin, leaving the new layer of skin exposed. I’ll moisturize and rehydrate the skin with lotion during the massage. Adding the paraffin will open the pores and compress all of the lotion and moisture into the new layer of skin, making the skin feel supple and hydrated.”


6. Have a back-up plan or another angle: Here is another tactic I will use: spring break! I live in Minnesota and typically we have cold snowy winters. This makes a lot of Minnesotans want to step out of the cold and step into the sunny weather. So a lot of them make spring break and travel plans to get through the winter. I will ask my clients, “Do you have spring break plans or plans for travel to a warmer climate?” Because so many of them do, I will then mention the promotion saying, “Today your pedicure will cost $56 and for an additional $43, you can prepay for your spring break pedicure and get two paraffin treatments for free! Our promotion this month is two paraffin pedicures for $99. If you know you’re going on spring break and you’ll be coming back before your warm weather vacation, you may want to take advantage of our promotion. “


Tune in next week for part two when I’ll share my tracking procedures to successfully measure your goal. Preparing, planning, and practicing to achieve your goals — one more way to help you to stand out above the rest and become the BEST!


— Jill

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