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Yay! Indiana Bill to Eliminate Licensing Withdrawn

by NAILS Magazine | February 6, 2012

Yay! Indiana Bill to Eliminate Licensing Withdrawn


Thanks so much for to all NAILS’ Magazine From the Editor readers who told Indiana that we need licensing and to everyone else who helped spread the word and who contacted Indiana legislators regarding HB 1006. HB 1006, which would have eliminated government licensing and regulation for nail techs and cosmetologists in Indiana has been withdrawn by its author, David Wolkins.


Cosmetologists who testified against the bill in person at the statehouse were key in getting the bill withdrawn.

In a press release, bill author Wolkins says, “I was asked to take on the legislation that included ROEC’s recommendations because I strongly support small government. The whole goal of House Bill 1006 was so that the state could be less involved. It was not to ridicule any profession.


“This issue, however, has been all over the media because of the loud, public outcry opposing the bill. Those in opposition mainly included cosmetologists. They came to the Statehouse last week to give public testimony against the bill. I have to say, it was a refreshing scene to see cosmetologists take over the Statehouse versus the usual union protesters. They were polite and respectful, and were given their opportunity to speak.


“The best part of the democratic process is allowing the public to speak for or against legislation. So I was pleased to see such an outpour of public testimony and cooperation….

Even though I agree with the overall goal of the legislation—that being less government involvement—I understand that this is not the year to do it, and this is not the legislation to do it with. I decided to withdraw the bill because we can do better.”


Kudos to Wolkins for listening to his constituents and to the PBA, JCPenny, SportClips, Honors Beauty College, PCPC, ICMAD, ISPA, ISBN, AACS, NCEA, Intercoiffure, and others, who spread the word about this bill.



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