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Meet Amanda

by NAILS Magazine | February 10, 2012


My name is Amanda Lenher and I’m from Las Vegas.

I am an educator for Nubar and currently work at Posare Salon in Las Vegas.

I have been out of cosmetology school for about a year and three months.

When I was in school, I was the go-to nail girl. But I opted to do a full cosmetology degree because I have an equal love for hair as well and I currently do both at the salon.

While I was in school we had a Design Team, which was the school’s competition team. And one day they were having try outs and I wanted it bad. This is when I first got introduced to the preparation it takes for a competition.

Since I have been out of school I have been busy. I have worked to make a name for myself in this industry and I have been published in NAILS Magazine as well as other magazines in the last year. I wanted to compete in the nail competitions at the IBS Las Vegas show last year but the cost per competition is what stopped me.

Not too long ago I interviewed for a workshop article on how to prepare for a competition and that same day Michelle Aab from Nubar contacted me about being an educator for them and coming to Long Beach and competing in the soak-off gel nail art competition. Here I was going down another path and another journey and into a competition category that terrified me — hand painted with gel polish. OMG I can’t even paint a stick figure.

Competition day came and I was so beyond nervous, but I went into the competition with a clear head and no expectations. I said to myself, “this is my first time competing and at least I’m here doing it. And I will finish. I won’t give up. And whatever happens, happens.”

When they called my number as a top 10 finalist I wanted to cry. I was so blown away that I placed in the top 10. Even 10th would have been fine with me just as long as I placed. I was extra happy too knowing it was in a skill that wasn’t my strong point. Now I know I can do it and it makes me want to do more to build up my skills. I ended up placing 6th, what an amazing feeling.

So keep an eye out for my updates and travels for my next round of competitions as a newbie in the competition world.

— Amanda

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