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Random Marketing

by NAILS Magazine | April 12, 2012

I’ve been finding that the most random situations are tuning into amazing Marketing Opportunities.

Random Incident #1: I was walking back to the shop in the afternoon with my son and his grandma. A lady behind us called out, “On the right.” You know, like runners and bikers do when they are trying to pass. Similarly, she and her suitcase were trying to pass us. I loved her choice of words. So,  naturally, playful banter followed. I said, “Hey you should treat yourself to a mani-pedi at Posh’aah Nail Spa.”

Then she says, “I was actually on my way there right now.”

Inside I’m thinking, “Really, are you serious. You know about us???” Outside, I decide to play it cool, “Really?” I said. “That’s my shop. You should definitely come by.”

And she did. Five minutes later -- and inside Posh’aah, I might add -- she asked if we also provide mobile spa services. It was something I had thought of but hadn’t planned on doing right away. After learning about a small, at-home bridal party that this guest was planning for a friend, I offered our services and sent a proposal via e-mail.  She accepted. And wa-la, Posh’aah Nail Spa now has a mobile spa party division! I actually love having the capability to offer in-spa or off-site mani-pedi services. We’ll definitely be doing off-site service visits more often.

Here’s another stroke of random marketing genius. Nikki, one of our Nail Care Specialists, and I were passing time on a slow day by talking about targeted things we could do to drive business. Between the two of us, we ended up planning an amazing mani-pedi event complete with glasses of Pink Champagne, manis, and yes, Pink Champagne Pedis. We’ll even have little pink foods like cupcakes and cookies. We’ve been dropping hints to our guests about this one night of Pink, and they’ve been gobbling it up! April 20th, here we come :o). And I’ll have more details about this event drenched in pink for my next post!

A few more drops of Randomness, we’ve been playing around with different ideas for conversation-worthy manicures. Meet the "Gumball Manicure" (above). We posted this on Facebook and our "Friends" got a kick out of it. Some have already claimed this one-day-wear mani as part of their summer wardrobe.

We’ve also played around with our own variations of the “Caviar Manicure”.

Random Updates: Business building is taking a little longer than I had planned. So, we’ve had to step it up in the marketing department. In a nutshell, now that the doors are open, it’s time to pull people inside and make sure they leave happy.

—Makeda, Posh'aah Nail Spa, Chicago

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