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State Board Practice

by NAILS Magazine | June 11, 2012

This week was better than last. I had a few gel-polish and pedicure clients. For some reason I get assigned most of the gel-polish applications. The extra practice has definitely helped me with my time and application. I have really come a long way since freaking out with my first gel-polish client. Thank goodness for manufacturers’ instruction sheets!

I was also able to take my last two exams, which I received scores of 94% and 98%! At school, once you have taken the weekly exam, you’re able to study ahead and take another exam if you feel ready. Now, I just have two comprehensive finals to start preparing for.

With the exams out the way, I was able to participate in a mock state board run. For North Carolina you need a mannequin hand with the nail tips already applied. Then you must perform:

  • Basic manicure

  • Nail tip application (ring finger)

  • Nail wrap application (middle finger)

  • Sculptured nail (index finger)

  • Polish application

This was my first practice run and I already know that I’m going to need a better system for storing my implements for each procedure because all those baggies my instructor had us use drove me nuts!

I had a little bit of trouble with the sculptured nail. The biggest issue was that I haven’t been practicing that often with the odorless liquid. We are using odorless liquid from one company and acrylic powder from another. I have to wonder if that makes a difference. When I brought this up in class I was told that you can mix manufacturers products, but I’m not so sure. So I plan on looking for an odorless system that I can practice with and take to my state board exam.

Red polish, red polish, red polish. I don’t know what it is but every time I get red polish in my hands, it seems like it’s my first time polishing. Needless to say my mock state board was definitely a learning experience, and now I have more items to add to my practice sheets.

— Star

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