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Week 11: Final Countdown

by NAILS Magazine | July 26, 2012

Week 11 is here with only two more to go. August 1st is our written final and then August 2nd will be our practical. I’m starting to get nervous. Have I been a good enough student? Will I be a credit or an embarrassment to everyone who has stood with me through this crazy ride? In a few short weeks I will be a licensed nail technician and the butterflies are already spreading their wings and getting ready to fly out of my belly button.

Thursday night I did the last service I need to fill my service requirements. I had this huge elaborate set of nails with very intricate nail art planned for a close friend of mine who has extended her hands to me each week to try out each and every skill I have learned so far. Sadly, she had a home issue and couldn't make it and though she most definitely was needed elsewhere I feel sad that this wasn't a moment I was able to share with her. I ended up just doing a tip and overlay on my own nails and anything and everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

I have always prided myself for having a gentle touch and never hurting anyone in any way. Yet, I still managed to cut myself with my file twice. I also used to be very good at doing my own nails but this time I caught my product up in my cuticle on almost every finger of my right hand. How can I have gotten so much better with clients and lose all this ground with my own nails? It was pretty discouraging but I am chalking it up to just a really bad day. I am including a photo of my nails of doom.

I am going to miss this wonderful group of ladies. I never expected to actually make friends since this class is so short, but each of the five classmates and my teacher I have been blessed with has had an impact on me. I can't believe the good fortune of having each one there. Had even one not registered I don't think this class would have been the same.

My goal this week is to get a full class picture taken. Mrs. Brown says this will be her first class photo. I also plan to do the graduation walk in December. It may seem silly to some to even bother when the course is three months long, but I am finally graduating college! I have had a bit of nursing, criminal justice, and had only my clinicals left for medical assisting, but one thing after another has barred my path. Today, I am so thankful for that. I couldn't see myself being as happy with any other vocation than with nails. This is not a job, but a calling where I get to make people happy and to feel good. Something where I can bring real quality products with dedicated craftsmanship in a safe and healthy environment to bring a smile to people’s faces. Pretty soon I can say, "I have the best career I could ever want!".

So good night for now and I will see you nail lovers next week. Thank you so much for reading along with my journey through school.

— Mary

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