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Week 13: Done With Finals!

by NAILS Magazine | August 6, 2012

Done with finals! I stressed so hard before the written final, I was just positive I would show up and no answers would come to me when it was time for the test. I sat down, kicked my brain a few times to get it running and made a 100! I am a notoriously bad test taker. Then on Thursday we had our practical final. It involved doing wraps, sculpts, blended tips with overlay, and pink-and-whites. Another 100! So Monday, we finish filling out all of our paperwork, and on Tuesday we are official nail techs who can go out and seek gainful employment. 

Speaking of employment — I had a really good interview with a salon that seemed perfect for me, but I guess it didn't go as well as I had thought because I never got a call back. I am a little sad but a long way from being discouraged. A friend of ours in church gave me his sister’s number who owns a salon, and I have contacted six places recommended by my teacher. I guess it may be a good thing that I didn't get a call back yet though because it turns out my hubby wants me to wait a few weeks to start to correspond with the kids going back to school. 

*WARNING, this might get a bit sappy.*

I would like to thank the people in my class.

Thank you Mrs. Michelle, I couldn't have asked for a better teacher and I am so happy we had this time to meet and for me to learn from you. How you always kept your cool around me I will never know but I truly hope I didn't rub off on you too much ;)

Chrissy, thank you for being the den mother and for teaching me how to be a girl. I didn't think I would like it but as you have seen I am keeping it up :)

Tiffany, you are one cool cucumber and I have no doubt you are going to excel in your family’s salon, you just scream professionalism and confidence.

Beverly, you are in my prayers and though your journey is hard right now I know great things are so destined for you soon. Stay strong and sweet, you are already perfect.

Jamieka, you are the craziest, funniest and strangest girl I have ever met, I think I just may keep you.

Sharon, I miss you already, chin up, brave face on and start chasing your dream. I have faith enough for you and me both if you ever feel lost.

Sadly, I don't want my time in school to end, why can't we stay there but actually get paid? LOL. I am so excited for the future and grateful for the past that lead me to the present. Enclosed are some photos. I finally caught my class photo and one of just me and my teacher and my sister-in-law who was so awesome to be my final project victim. 

— Mary

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