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Another Technique to Make Toes Glitter

by NAILS Magazine | December 3, 2012 | Bookmark +

This week I am going to respond to both of Jill’s last posts. First I will talk about how a referral program during the holiday season has helped us to stay busy during January and February. We used this strategy successfully last year and we really saw a difference in our numbers as a result. We implemented a $20 off any service over $50 reward and handed out three cards to each guest. We wrote the guest’s names on the back of the card to keep track of the rewards. Of all the cards we handed out we got back approximately 60% of them by the first of February. It was really great to see the cards coming back in.

For our salon the referral rewards program was extremely helpful in keeping our books full in the slow post-holiday months. All of our guests worked hard to earn the discount for their own services because then they felt better about continuing to have their services done. They felt like they were getting a great deal and we had full books so it worked very well for us.

In the Glitter toes tutorial that Jill posted before Thanksgiving, she mentions other brands that can be used for the technique. In our salon we use Gelish, though I have tested this technique with many other brands of gel-polishes and have found that most all of them are suitable. I have also used many glitters to create the look. Young Nails, Art Glitter, It’s so Easy, and Light Elegance are all brands of glitter that I have used very successfully. The steps for using Gelish are similar to the steps Jill outlined though I apply the glitter differently than she does.

1. Sanitize your hands and the guest’s feet before beginning

2. Prep the nail for gel-polish application.

a. Push back the cuticle and remove non-living tissue from the nail plate.

b. Remove the shine from the natural nail with the soft side of the 180/100 Harmony buffer, and shape the free edge with the 240-grit wooden file.

c. Cleanse the nail with Gel Cleanser to remove dust and sanitize the nail plate.

3. Apply Foundation gel in a thin layer and cure for 5 seconds in the 18 G LED light. Using a dry clean gel brush, wipe some of the inhibition layer from the cured Foundation gel.

4. Apply your chosen color of Gelish and cure for 30 seconds. Then apply a second coat of Gelish color and cure for 30 seconds.

5. Use a dry soft brush (I use a cheap round fluffy art brush to do this and clean it afterwards by wiping it out with Gel Cleanser) to pick up your glitter and press into the inhibition layer of the cured Gelish color. I find that doing it this way I use less glitter and have less of a mess to clean up.

a. You can play with this to give a different effect to the glitter you are using. For instance, if you are using transparent neon glitter and want the color to be more opaque and have a higher color payoff then use a corresponding neon color beneath the glitter. I often use this trick to deepen the color of transparent/semi-transparent glitters or to change the color somewhat.

b. When using non-transparent glitter, using any color Gelish is fine. As Jill mentioned, if you do the technique correctly you will not see the base color.

6. Clean glitter from the nail groove with an orangewood stick so you don’t inadvertently cure glitter in the groove walls.

7. Cure again for 30 seconds. Then use a clean nail brush to dust off the excess glitter.

8. Apply Top it Off and cure for 30 seconds. I also have a separate bottle for glitter use.

9. Cleanse the surface of the nail with Gel Cleanser on a nail wipe.

10. Apply Nourish cuticle oil and then use a clean nail wipe to really rub into the surface until it squeaks for a super shiny finish.

This technique is used all the time in our salon and is one of the most popular add-on services we offer.

— Sandy

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