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Ask an Editor: What is a "High-Res." Image?

by NAILS Magazine | December 7, 2012

One of NAILS' editors asked me to e-mail in a "high-res." image. What does that mean?

The resolution of an image indicates the number of dots per inch (DPI). High-resolution means a lot of dots per inch, in our case, it means an image that is at least 4-in. by 6-in. at 300 DPI so that it prints clearly in the magazine. Any smaller than that and the photo runs the risk of being blurry when printed.

In general, if you take a photo with a digital camera that’s at least 4 mega-pixels (most cell phone cameras don’t meet this criteria; most stand-alone digital cameras do), then the photo should be fine to publish in NAILS Magazine. Just make sure that you don’t crop or otherwise change it before sending (which can lower the resolution) and to send the photo at its original, largest size (don’t let your e-mail program shrink it to make it easier to e-mail).

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