Blueprint of a First Year

Marketing Help, Please!

by NAILS Magazine | February 28, 2013

Have you ever asked yourself: How involved am I in my salon marketing plan? I am sitting here brainstorming and I must say, I get headaches just thinking about nails, so I swap roles and let my team do it.

I created five categories and asked each nail tech to submit at least one special per category. And I must say, it takes a big load off the owner...and I can use my time for something else. My techs definitely felt more involved, and I liked their ideas.

We created "happy hour" to match the happy hour of a restaurant in our shopping center, so guests can get complementary appetizers and discounted drinks -- what a deal right? They can just walk over there for some happy time after getting their nails done.

We also created packages, discount services, and the most popular marketing tactic is our coupon book. Each service is included in the book with a special price, including complimentary nail art (like this gel polish marble shown). One nail takes 30 extra seconds, so it’s a great add-on sale or complimentary service.

Our retail discount is great because we can move all of our winter merchandise and replace them with spring and summer merchandise. We also included a reminder for clients to like us on Facebook.

My next step is to work on our mailing list, but it’s time consuming and I have been putting it off. But Facebook has been a good compromise, while I’m trying to make the time.

What ideas do you have for marketing your salon? I always love to hear and share with others, so please let me know if you have an idea for me to add to my list. Thanks!

— Tina, Polished Nail Lounge, Richmond, Va.
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