Blueprint of a First Year

Meet Crystal

by NAILS Magazine | June 10, 2013
This time last year I was a busy nail tech in a small town, completely content in what I was doing, trying to advance myself and set myself apart with the competition in my area. Had you asked me then if I could see myself as a business owner I would have told you no. Wellllllll...that has all changed.

My name is Crystal L. Jones, and I am the owner of the newest nails only salon in Danville, Ky.: The Purple Pinky Nail Salon. It was a very quick, but thought out, decision. The space I have now was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. It's small but spacious for one!

I've been a nail tech for almost eight years, and I absolutely adore what I do. I love to learn new things and have been instrumental in bringing a lot of things to the table that most in my area haven't seen. I've always been a sponge, soaking in any and all knowledge that I can. There are so many spectacular and unique artists in this industry and I am trying to be in the company of those people.

I know having a business isn't easy and having a successful one is even harder. I'm ready and up for the challenge. I want The Purple Pinky Nail Salon to become a household name. So, this ride I'm about to embark on will be fun and exciting, fresh and new, and I get to chronicle it in a blog. Stay tuned!

—Crystal, The Purple Pinky Nail Salon, Danville, Ky.
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