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#ABSChicago: Instagram Follower Wins Stiletto Nail Art

by Kimberly Pham | March 27, 2014

Heidi Meier from The Day Spa in Shoreview, Minn., won an Instagram-based contest created by Gina Silvestro (right) with a full set of stiletto nails at the Akzéntz booth. The winner of Silvestro's Instagram-based contest also had the choice of receiving an Akzéntz Pro-Formance starter kit.


Meier opted for time spent with Silvestro as she sculpted her nails. It took two hours to complete the set. Silvestro walked us through the steps:

1. She pinched a normal form to sculpt the stiletto nail with Akzéntz Pro-Formance Enhance hard gel.

2. Apply Akzéntz Options Aurora Blue.

3. Apply Akzéntz Options Clear Blue over the Aurora Blue to add dimension and to make the blue pop.

4. Using the Akzéntz Art-02 detail brush, paint the design with Options Gel Art Black, flash-curing in between.

5. Apply transer foils over the nails. Akzéntz gels have a naturally sticky inhibition layer that is perfect for transfer foils and stone embellishments. (She applied foil from Dollar Nail Art for this set.)

6. Apply Options Sparkles Aurora Silver and cure.

7. Cover the whole nail with Akzéntz Pro-formance Ultra Gloss gel top coat and cure.

8. Add black 3-D roses using Akzéntz’ Gel Art Powder. She mixes the Gel Art Powder with Options Gel Art Black. (Click here for a video of Silvestro mixing the Gel Art Powder with different Optionz Gels to create 3-D roses.) She uses the 3-D Gel Art brush to sculpt the roses.

9. Place crystals on the nails.

10. Apply gel top coat to the entire nail, then cure.

11. You can apply gel top coat around the crystals to reinforce them if needed.


For more information on products, visit Silvestro also plans on creating more Instagram contests for future shows, so follow her here:

— Kim

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