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by Maggie Franklin | June 13, 2014 | Bookmark +

Life in the salon gets hectic. So many people in one place, all talking at the same time and not always about the same thing. Add the sounds of electric files, phones ringing and pinging, background music, the farmer’s market on the street below and people coming and going outside the hallway as well...

My head spins.

At the end of the day, I turn around to the computer to start writing a blog post, only to have my mind go blank; I’ve been mentally working on a post all day. A light-hearted post. It wasn’t going to be anything too serious and maybe even a little on the fun side... but it is GONE from my brain. Unlike the stupid dream I woke up from this morning. If I ever meet John Lithgow in person, I’m gonna punch him. (He was in the dream and he was a jerk.)

But the blog post I’ve been thinking of all day? !POOF!

I’ll think of it in the middle of the night, once everything and everyone is quiet.

But while I’m sitting at my computer at the salon, my mom is sitting in the corner, Baby Bird is sitting at her desk, the hairstylist across the hall is standing in my doorway, the massage therapist next door is begging for a chai latté, my last client of the day is standing in the hallway, my niece is texting me about changing her schedule for coming to dust the salon tomorrow, and the BF is instant messaging me with links to various YouTube videos. And everyone is talking about something.

No wonder I don’t remember what I was going to write about!

But as much as all the noise and movement distracts and confuses me, sitting here in the middle of all this bustle, with all these people who feel comfortable with each other and want to hover at the salon and socialize even when their business with me is done, I am so grateful for having built something that is more than just a little nail salon. It’s nice to be a real part of people’s lives, not just some place they go to spend money.

Maybe that post will come back to me and you’ll get it next week. Tonight, you get a glimpse into the part of my life I don’t rant about — the part that comprises the majority of my days. Everyone hanging out, having a good time. Chatting, laughing, and enjoying our time together.

It’s a good job.

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