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Cuccio Gets Celeb Commercial-Ready

by Beth Livesay | October 8, 2014

Cuccio’s Elaine Watson once again nailed Minnie Driver’s manicure. Watson collaborated with wardrobe stylist Alexandra Mandelkorn to match the nails to the casual theme of the clothing for Driver's commercial shoot. Colors were kept cool to go with the jeans, gray blouse and hat Driver would be wearing. “I happened to have these two great tones of gray — Oh My Prague and Soaked in Seattle — and decided to halo the cuticle with the darker shade and come in over 90 percent of the nail with the lighter gray,” says Watson. The end result is a perfectly styled nail look.

Soaked in Seattle (left) and Oh My Prague (right)

Soaked in Seattle (left) and Oh My Prague (right)

To get Driver’s TV-ready nails, start with Cuccio Nail Solutions Base Coat. Apply one coat of Cuccio Colour Oh My Prague to all ten nails. Add the first coat of Cuccio Colour Soaked in Seattle to the nails. Drop down the nail when applying and try to follow the cuticle shape while applying the color. Leave a margin of Oh My Prague down each side of the nail, but taper it off so the line gets narrower and disappears at the free edge. What you are left with is a halo of color around the cuticle. Apply a second coat of Soaked in Seattle if necessary. Finish with Cuccio Nail Solutions High Gloss Top Coat.

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